Magnetization process

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When manufacturing magnetic material, some of processes may experience high temperature and vibration environment that affect magnetic property. In the post-processing step, magnetism may also affect the process. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of magnetic properties and the convenience of processing, most of magnetic materials are magnetized in the final production process.

Depending on the type of magnetic material, the anisotropy product will conduct tropism processing to magnetic material interior during production so that magnetic properties become better in design in the process of the final magnetization. While this process is not required for the anisotropy product.

The magnetization process is the step to make the magnetic material finally obtains an external magnetic function (magnetic flux). We will use another permanent magnet or solenoid magnetizing coil to provide a strong magnetic field to let magnetic moment inside the product to direct the specific direction, so the magnetic material can be provided with great external magnetic characteristic.

The strong magnetic field can also obtain more diverse external magnetic properties through the customized jig, such as poles and pole combinations in different directions, distributions, numbers and spaces. The magnetization time is different depending on the magnetic characteristics and intensity.

AIC's magnetization technology can magnetize magnetic materials with the maximum outer diameter of 150mm and the length of 200mm. Depending on the difference of jigs, the technology can provide various magnetization methods such as thickness (length), radial, and radial shape to meet the needs of different customers.

AIC has a variety of standard fixtures. Under normal circumstances, the magnetization time and cost are estimated through analogical jigs, so that cost accounting and quotation can be provided quickly, and the magnetic properties of the finished product can also be simulated and evaluated. This make us hold accurate, fast and economic advantages in quality control, working hours and quotations.

If you have any doubts in this aspect, please contact AIC, and discuss your magnetizing needs with our experienced engineers.