Quality control

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AIC has continuously completed and updated various testing devices. In recent years, in addition to the update of the secondary element, three-dimensional, projector, waveform tester, hysteresis loop / magnetic declination tester, fluxmeter Gauss meter, high and low temperature tester, we also introduce the dynamometer, film thickness measuring instrument and multi-pole magnetic ring measuring instrument and other devices aiming at product characteristics and application environment. According to users’ the quality management requirements, we also independently designed and developed various special test jigs to meet the quality requirements of customers from different industries at home and abroad.

Based on the improvement of hardware equipment, we fully utilize IATF five statistical tools (APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC, PFAME), and design independently the process system that links up with sales management system. Product quality management is perfectly integrated into the sales procedures to provide comprehensive monitoring and management for product quality and production quality management.

AIC's quality team resolutely implements the company's policy of “help each other and obtain win-win results with every industry” with a firm hand in accordance with the quality management requirements of ISO, IATF and other systems. Our excellent quality control team uses the advanced quality awareness to detect, analyze and control the quality of various magnetic materials and magnetic components, and evaluate and support the supplier quality management system, assist supplier with the establishment of systems to ensure quality. Thereby we provide customers with quality products, technology and services.