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Our company's each kind of permanent magnets, soft magnetic materials, magnetic components and application solutions are widely used in industrial and civilian use.

Automobile electronics:

Automotive instruments, various types of sensors, new energy vehicle power system, automotive interiors, automotive electronics, etc. require various magnetic sensing, adsorption and motor products.


Computer fan motors, optical storage components, disk storage components, non-contact sensor and switching, scanning and copy printing equipment, etc., are widely used in various high-performance magnetic materials and component products.

Consumption electronics:

In the electronic devices that can be seen everywhere in daily life, magnetic sensors, switches, motors and adsorption magnetic products and components in various ways play a huge role in people's life, and significantly improve the quality of life of human beings.

Industrial equipment:

In the industrial automation, metal processing, woodworking stone, medical printing and other industries, magnetic materials are made into motor rotors, magnetic sensors, magnetic switches, magnetic couplings and other products, contribute to the development of industrial automation.

Security equipment:

High-safety security system requires high-quality magnetic sensing components, high-performance security equipment, and cryptic and convenient anti-theft magnetic labels to reduce the risk of theft in various places.

Advertising, gifts and educational supplies:

Rubber magnet and adsorption magnetic materials and components are widely used in various advertising products. In toys and educational supplies, a variety of magnetic materials and components that are high-performance and meet environmental health standards are also widely used.