• 16Nov Welcome to visit AIC at Electronica 2022 exhibition in Munich Germany

    Welcome to visit AIC at Electronica 2022 exhibition in Munich Germany

    Read 38  ·  Release Date 2022/11/16  ·  guanliyuan

    AIC will attend the Electronica 2022 exhibition from 15th to 18th November in Munich Germany

    Electronica exhibition Munich Germany
  • 14Aug AIC Website Revision Note

    AIC Website Revision Note

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    In order to further to the vast number of new and old customers to promote AIC spirit of enterprise and enterprise culture, to understand AIC's main products and services, fully show the image of AIC magnetic technology engineering company and AIC to update and modify the web site. After the revised AIC website, the layout of modules, page design, website and function have been greatly adjusted. It highlights the humanized design after the revision, striving for the beautiful page, reasonable structure, abundant reading and convenient reading. At the beginning of the comprehensive revision, there will be some problems in the website. During the operation period, some problems may arise, which will be solved as soon as possible. You are welcome to visit AIC enterprise website! Thank you for your long support!

  • 14Aug SmCo replace Sintered NdFeB proposal

    SmCo replace Sintered NdFeB proposal

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    Sintered NdFeB magnet used to be the widest applied material due to its high properties and cheap price rather than SmCo magnet. However in 2011 the situation changed a lot. AIC Engineering professionally advises SmCo as a replacement of NdFeB in special application.