Company Profile

AIC  Engineering Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of magnetic materials and magnetic components. It is a magnetic technology application engineering company that has integrated R&D, production and sales. HQ of the company is in Shenzhen, and has established a company and office in Hong Kong for better service customers.

As a one-stop professional magnetic application supplier, we are able to provide customers with the most suitable magnetic material selection, finished product design and component customization and processing services based on finite element modeling and magnetic performance analysis.

Our pursuing Early Supplier Involvement-ESI work model can help customers shorten product development cycles, reduce development costs and improve product property.

Entire process quality management process that we established based on the experience of many years in magnetic application supply, can design a full supply chain quality control solution to provide customers with the most suitable quality control of finished products according to customers’ application, then achieve the best balance in terms of conformity rate, consistency and delivery date and cost control.

Our Products:

Permanent magnet materials: ferrite, NdFeB magnet, ferro-nickel aluminium, samarium cobalt

Soft magnetic material: ferrite core, magnetic powder core, Manganese zinc (Mn-Zn) / Nickel zinc (Ni-Zn) ferrite, uncrys tallized / nanocrystalline, permalloy

Magnetic measurement: magnetic railings ruler, magnetic code disc, measuring head

Magnetic components: magnetic materials, accessories design, manufacturing and assembly

Our services:

Tooling mold: design and manufacture

Magnetic materials: material selection and finished product design

ESI supplier early intervention work mode

Whole process quality management plan

Our philosophy:

Committed to development and innovation, assist cooperate with each other to gain double wins, create a bright future of magnetic technology applications.

Customers we serve: