AIC Engineering Ltd

    AIC Engineering Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of magnetic technology application engineering company. With decades of industry experience, mature supply management system, complete trial factory system and self-owned quality control system, it is a professional engineering magnetic material supplier.


    AIC Magnetic Products

      AIC Engineering Ltd. is a professional magnetic technology application engineering company, with more than 30 years of magnetic materials and magnetic components of the research and development, production and sales experience. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, in Shenzhen, Shanghai and the United States set up a branch, with global sales capabilities and experience.

      As a practitioner for many years of magnetic technology application engineering company, AIC around the sales department, construction and improvement of the supply, technology, engineering, quality control, logistics and other functional departments, formed a different from the general trading company's entire process system.

      We hope to use our extensive industry experience to help our customers reduce product development cycle, reduce development costs and improve products through ESI (early supplier intervention) mode of work, not only to meet customer needs, but also to meet our customers' needs. Performance and quality, with a view to promoting the global magnetic application industry's comprehensive and rapid development.

      1980 Founded in Hong Kong, it began to dabble in magnetic materials industry.

      1996 Established in Hong Kong, the company has developed a great deal.

      1999 AIC shenzhen branch was established, business began to involve mainland China.

      2000 AIC Shanghai branch establishment, company business began to expand to north China region.

      2002 US branch was established and began to enter the European and American markets.

      2009 magnetic and AIC merged, and the company began to integrate transformation and growth.

      2010 AIC obtained ISO 9000 certification and took a new step.

      2013 AIC Engineering LTD. Was established in Hong Kong.

      2015 AIC Engineering won TS16949, and the company's ability to ascend.

      2016 AIC Engineering in Shenzhen City high-tech enterprise certification, the strength of a new high.

      In the future, the glory will continue.....